upward bound 2013

With High school students from the upward bound program. From Left to right: Maitreyi Das, James Field, Zachery Rivera, Tam’ra-Kay Francis, Gustavo Rosas, Bin (Jimmy) Wei


Class of 2013. Left to right: Abdullah Elassouli, Mohamad Elassouli, Maitreyi Das, Jan Urbano, Andrea Trent
Das lab 2013. Left to right: Ahmad Mohamedi, Maitreyi Das, Mohamad Elassouli,  Andrea Trent, Bin (Jimmy) Wei


Hard at work. Left to right: Yasin Kanakrieh and Julius Habiyaremye



Halloween 2016

Farewell Jimmy, 2016.
Celebrating our NSF award, 2016
Lab cookout, 2016
Halloween, 2017
Posting Brian and Julie’s first preprint on BioRxiv, 2018
Halloween, 2018
Happy Holidays, 2018
Emma Koory presenting her research at the Undergraduate research symposium, 2019
EuReca 2019, Emma Koory, Haylee Young and Afton Russell presented posters. Afton won an award!
Spring Dinner, 2019
Das Lab, 2019
Das Lab bowling, 2019
Dr. Brian Hercyk