Our lab was awarded a 5 year NIH-NIGMS R01 grant (1R01GM136847-01) to research “Cell-cycle-dependent cell polarity control.

Woot! Woot! Maitreyi received a 5 year NSF CAREER award (#1941367) to investigate “Spatiotemporal organization of cytokinetic events”.

Our recent papers:

Hercyk B, Rich J, Mitoubsi A, Harrell M, Das M. 2018. A novel interplay between GEFs orchestrates Cdc42 activation in cell polarity and cytokinesis. Journal of Cell Science 2019, 132:jcs236018-jcs236018. This article was highlighted in preLights.

Hercyk B and Das M. 2019. F-BAR Cdc15 Promotes Gef1-mediated Cdc42 Activation During Cytokinesis and Cell Polarization in S. pombe. Genetics, 2019, 213 (4): 1341-1356.